Let the Giveaways Begin! November 5, 2009

Imprecious is kicking off the Holidays with a Holiday Special :: Buy 1 & get the 2nd at 50% off*(equal & lesser priced items) and tons of Giveaways!! 1st in line is Toni over at The Mud-Bug…

The Mud-Bug.com is hosting a giveaway ending Nov 30, 2009. Go on over and check it out! You could win some free Imprecious jewelry!


Keep checking back, I have several giveaways lined up for the Holidays!


Does it get any better than this? August 7, 2009

One of my lovely customers and her new baby! Her Imprecious necklace has her 2 older children’s fingerprint charms. The beautiful photo was taken by bellababyphotography.com. How adorable is that baby?!Sarah&Samuel

Thank you Sarah & BellaBabyPhotography for allowing me to use this image!


Imprecious has gone to the Dogs. August 5, 2009

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We can make silver charms from your fur-baby’s paw prints… Same easy process, same beautiful keepsake jewelry! Here is charming little Maggie and her print.Maggie4blog


Imprecious + You = Much Love for Ezra! July 22, 2009

One day just recently I was ditty-bopping around the web, happily checking in at my favorite haunts when I came across a link to Ezra’s story… see, Ezra is fighting leukemia, he’s just 2 and his mom is going through hell over this (and the rest of his family too). I had to take pause, reflect on how everyone in my family is healthy and how my biggest worry in life pales in comparison.

So I had a bit of a cry, then pulled myself together and figured out a way to help. I’ve been looking for ways to get involved in charitable fundraising, and I always find it intriguing how the universe places your next step right in front of you.

I reached out to Beth, Ezra’s mom with an offer to make her a necklace with her 2 kid’s imprints and the idea to do fundraising for what she’s calling the “Kick Cancer’s Ass” fund. I just LOVE idea of changing fear of “cancer” into thinking of it as something who’s ass should be kicked.

Here’s how YOU can help: To show your solidarity with those who are fighting illness, like little Ezra, I’ve created this delicate fine silver heart charm that we call “Ezra’s Heart” as a free gift with purchase. For the next 30 days, when you buy our beautiful silver fingerprint charm jewelry from Imprecious.com with Ezra’s Heart, 25% of your purchase will go directly to the “Kick Cancer’s Ass” fund!

So get yourself a great piece of jewelry & spread the word so we can show this little guy that we can Kick Cancer’s Ass together!



Imprecious is tagging along to BlogHer 09 July 20, 2009

Well sort of… “we” won’t actually be there but our very informative postcards will! In any case we are VERY excited about this event and very excited to tell all of you blogging lovelies about our product. Thanks to Shellie at www.blog4mom.com AND to Toni at www.mud-bug.com for handing these out and showing off their Imprecious jewelry.


TheOhanaMama.com Giveaway Winner June 10, 2009

Sarah L. just received her Imprecious jewelry, which she won from the recent giveaway hosted by http://www.theohanamama.com. Here is what she has to say about her lovely new necklace…

Hi Robin!

I received my necklace in the mail today and am so excited!
It’s beautiful and I can even tell whose fingerprints are whose; which surprised me.
I have it on already, but keep taking it off to look at it again. It’s perfect.
I can’t wait to show it off to my girlfriends at our Girl’s Night on Thursday; ahh!Thanks so much again!!!!

One Happy Mama,

Sarah L

Thank you Sarah!! And congratulations on winning the giveaway. Responses like this is why I LOVE making this very special jewelry.

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The Ohana Mama Swoons for Imprecious May 27, 2009

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Ohana Mama, Sarah Burns loves to find wonderful things for you and your family. We collaborated on a giveaway for her readers, it was soooo successful, winner Sarah L. was thrilled to shop for silver fingerprint charm jewelry with her $100 Gift Certificate. The whole experience has been so wonderful for me that I am game to do more giveaways. I’m on the hunt for more MomBlogs to do more giveaways, comment on YOUR faves.

Here’s a little of what she said: “Working with Robin and Imprecious was second to none. I am so impressed by her. And the process was so cool too – from beginning to end. After you choose what piece of jewelry you’d like (you can choose from earrings, different types of necklaces or bracelets) and place your order, the fun begins!”  Thank you Sarah!

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