Imprecious + You = Much Love for Ezra! July 22, 2009

One day just recently I was ditty-bopping around the web, happily checking in at my favorite haunts when I came across a link to Ezra’s story… see, Ezra is fighting leukemia, he’s just 2 and his mom is going through hell over this (and the rest of his family too). I had to take pause, reflect on how everyone in my family is healthy and how my biggest worry in life pales in comparison.

So I had a bit of a cry, then pulled myself together and figured out a way to help. I’ve been looking for ways to get involved in charitable fundraising, and I always find it intriguing how the universe places your next step right in front of you.

I reached out to Beth, Ezra’s mom with an offer to make her a necklace with her 2 kid’s imprints and the idea to do fundraising for what she’s calling the “Kick Cancer’s Ass” fund. I just LOVE idea of changing fear of “cancer” into thinking of it as something who’s ass should be kicked.

Here’s how YOU can help: To show your solidarity with those who are fighting illness, like little Ezra, I’ve created this delicate fine silver heart charm that we call “Ezra’s Heart” as a free gift with purchase. For the next 30 days, when you buy our beautiful silver fingerprint charm jewelry from with Ezra’s Heart, 25% of your purchase will go directly to the “Kick Cancer’s Ass” fund!

So get yourself a great piece of jewelry & spread the word so we can show this little guy that we can Kick Cancer’s Ass together!



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